Information about i SHARE SPACES


iShare Spaces and services

iShare Spaces is a digital marketplace that provides spaces and related services for events & activities in Switzerland & Liechtenstein (FL)

Space and service providers can list and offer their spaces and services to meeting & event planners, businesses and individuals looking for suitable event spaces and services. 

We welcome spaces providers such as MICE facilities, hospitality businesses, event locations, meeting rooms, conference rooms, chalets, warehouses, lofts, classrooms, halls, vacant rooms, offices, boardrooms, gardens, auditoriums and any space that could be creatively used for events and activities.

We welcome service providers such as event planners & organisers, incentive services, team building specialists, wedding planners, catering services, event media services and related services.

We are a networked community dedicated to offering spaces and services for events and activities (MICE, team building activities, meetings, presentations, workshops, off-site meetings, corporate events, private gatherings, cooking classes, photo-shoots, graduation ceremonies, wine tasting, garden parties and many more).